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Our expertise has no boundaries. We have honed our Architectural, Technical and Visual skills with over 30 years in practice.



Our design expertise speaks for itself. We have a renowned pedigree that has been honed over a number of years and across a variety of sectors. Calderpeel Architects are known for the glamourous Superhome market; however, we have an enviable reputation across a number of sectors.


Part of our design process has always been the ability to deal with design development in three dimensions. We have invested heavily in hardware and software to take advantage of current facilities to aid us in this process. We have the capabilities in the practice to now deliver your project virtually. We can now “walk” you through our designs, your project.


We have always prided ourselves on our ability to take our designs from concept through to construction, completion and occupation. Our technical team work symbiotically with our architectural team. The boundaries are blurred to ensure that the design ethos of a project is carried through from the first pen stroke to the last paint stroke.

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