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We have the best job in the world. We get to create spaces and environments that excite and challenge. And we get to colour in whilst doing it.

Who we are

Calderpeel Architects is a professional RIBA Chartered Practice with offices in Altrincham and Sheffield. Established in 1992, Calderpeel has earned a reputation for its work in the Luxury Residential and Superhomes, as well as specialisms in Masterplanning, Commercial and the Care sector. 

The practice is fully ISO and IIP accredited and we are founding members of the RIBA student mentoring program. Two of our partners are past presidents of the Manchester Society of Architects and current  RIBA national council member. We are part of the Constellia Neutral Vendor Services Marketplace and as such our services can now be compliantly procured by any public sector organisation in the UK.

The practice operates in an open studio environment and thrives on a collaborative approach to design. We actively encourage the development of new design theories and practices with weekly open design charrettes. Along with an active programme of CPD’s, mentoring, building visits and personal development plans. We do all we can to support and subsequently retain our exceptional talent. 


In 2023 we introduced a 'well-being day', which breaks the structure of the outdated five-day working week. This has proved transformative for us all. Combined with a flexible work-from-home arrangement, we have created a fully responsive environment that is designed to meet modern ways of working. It is all about flexibility, dynamism and looking towards the future. Creating a working environment that achieves the best for our clients and creates a work environment that suits our talented colleagues.

It has ensured our creativity, responsiveness and engagement is unparalleled, our clients have the continued surety of being able to reach their contact within the practice and our team have the time to rest, reflect ultimately be the best they can be. 

We are hiring for a Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Want to join the team? Send us an email with your CV and we'll get back to you with more information. 

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