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Hello there

It was fantastic meeting you, I would like to invite you over to our Studio in Altrincham for a coffee. Get to know you further and create a successful partnership moving forward. 

Ewen Miller

Architect / Partner

07799 111451

More about Ewen

Ewen deals with most of the awkward stuff that none of the other directors fancy dealing with.

He is let off this occasionally to draw a nice wobbly line perspective sketch and sometimes he gets to design a building or two. When Ewen is being more serious he sits on the RIBA NW and Manchester Society of Architects council. He is also an active contributor to the RIBA National Membership Committee and is vice-chair of Altrincham BID after a five-year term as chair. An active member of Altrincham Design Panel he is also a former president of the Manchester Society of Architects, former chair of the RIBA NW and a former RIBA National Council member.

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